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On the Level recently completed a large scale renovation of our home and we cannot say enough good things about them. Their quality of work far exceeded our expectations. When we were asked to go over the end product to identify touch ups, we needed a magnifying glass.  Everything was flawless and beautiful.

Not only is their craftsmanship superb, but Steph and Terrell are the most trustworthy and easygoing trades we’ve ever worked with. Their communication was excellent; never leaving us wondering what was going on at the house.  Given the complexity of the renovation and the multitude of sub-trades involved, we are also really impressed with their project management skills which kept everybody organized and on time.

The best “above and beyond” moment for us though was when they’d have lunch in the backyard just to let our dog out to play for a bit! We actually miss having them at the house and will be calling again once we’re ready for our next project.

Keith and Carin Davidson

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